Thomas More College Marching Saints
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Be a part from the START!

The tradition begins,
The Marching Saints.
Come march with the saints!

Will I receive credit for participating in marching band?
Yes, you will be able to participate in Marching Band for a credit, but students will not be required to take it for credit, it is a co-curricular as well.

Do I have to pay to be in the marching band?
No, almost all costs affiliated with participation in marching band will be covered by the band.

Can I receive a scholarship for participation?
Yes! Students who participate in The Marching Saints are eligible for a scholarship up to $8,000 dollars. Find out more here - marching band scholarship.

Does the college have instruments for me to use or will I need to provide my own?
The school will provide most low brass instruments and all percussion instruments, and there will be limited amounts of all other instruments available for students to rent.

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment for marching band will be minimal compared to most high schools. The marching band will meet three days a week for an hour and a half in the afternoon.

Are there opportunities for Auxiliary?
Yes, there will be opportunities for color guard, dancers and twirlers.

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