Master of Education Program at Thomas More College

Master of Education Program

MED Diagram

The Education Department at Thomas More College is excited to share information about their new Master of Education Teacher Leader program. The program is designed with busy teachers in mind: hybrid classes, job embedded projects, and flexible scheduling. The program bridges classroom experiences with professional learning communities, teacher leadership, and 21st century skills for all candidates.

The M.Ed. Program will follow the theme of The Teacher as Leader in a Learning Community, which is consistent with the Thomas More Education Department's vision. Additionally, the program works to engage, enhance, and execute leadership qualities in the classroom outlined in the Kentucky Teacher Standards. Planning and preparation, the classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibility are concepts engaged throughout the program. By focusing on implementing these concepts in both the teaching and learning of candidates, the roots of teacher leadership are established.

Research shows that the development of teacher leaders increases student achievement and empowers teachers, which in turn increases teacher retention, and supports best teaching practices (Berry, Daughtrey, and Wieder, 2010). Key to the program is access to 21st century learning opportunities and the active incorporation of real-world experiences to increase student learning for K-12 students in the teacher's classroom. Through a focus on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, teachers in this program will begin to develop the leadership skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing education landscape.

For curriculum questions and KY Teacher requirements contact:
Kimberly Haverkos, Ph.D.
Department of Education
Thomas More College