As students, TMC students are encouraged to examine their personal and social responsibility to the broader community and the world. As a result, there is a strong sense of community and a commitment to serving others that continues on with TMC alumni throughout their lives. Many students are exploring how to use their talents in Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

2012 Graduates
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2013 Graduates

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Sarah Spriggs
McNicholas High School

Holly Beckemeyer
Oak Hills High Schoool

Julie Geiger
Bishop Brossart High School

Namaan Mian
Calvary Christian High School

Kelly Uetrecht
Roger Bacon High School

Kyle Edward Lyons
St. Xavier High School

Sierra O'Bryan
Covington Latin School

Andrew Linkugel
St. Henry District High School

Katie Frances Kitchen
Campbell County High School

Carolyn Wagner
St. Henry District High School